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The soothing effect of Siwon's words didn't last long though and soon Kyuhyun was just as restless as he had been before the phone call. He kept revising Siwon's comforting words to himself and he knew the older one was right in many points, but he just couldn't find through comfort in them. He was worried and waiting for the evening was nerve-wracking at best. Once his schedule was over, he hurried to the dorm, driving in a dangerous speed and nearly mashing his car a couple of times.

He wasn't sure whether a hospital trip sounded more inviting than the appointment with Siwon and the third wheel.

When he burst through the door of the dorm and stepped in the only person present was Donghae. Why was the male so much in his way that day? Donghae looked up at him clearly startled, almost scared. "Hi-hi," the older man greeted Kyuhyun before turning back to the television. Kyuhyun glanced at the TV and knew Donghae wasn't watching it, the shopping channel was on and Donghae's eyes were unfocused, his fingers playing with his phone again.

"Hi, Donghae," he replied. The sound of his name made his hyung twitch and curl up as if he was trying to appear as small as possible. This irritated Kyuhyun beyond reason, he wasn't in the mood for his hyung behaving weirdly towards him. "Just tell me already what the hell your problem is!" he snapped at the kind man and step between the couch and the TV to make sure Donghae had nothing else to look at but him.

Donghae grew visibly anxious over this, his breathing growing somewhat irregular.  "It's nothing," he mumbled and his hands grasped his mobile so tightly Kyuhyun was sure the delicate device would break. "Yeah right," he huffed in response. " Spill it out, now."
"You will find out eventually," Donghae said and stood up abruptly. Even though he was smaller than Kyuhyun, he still managed to push Kyuhyun out of his way and escape, the sound of a slamming door and a turning lock resonating soon through the dorm. Kyuhyun couldn't do anything but stare after his hyung in astonishment. It seemed almost as if an alien had kidnapped the man he knew and replaced him with a lookalike who knew nothing of Donghae's personality.

But Kyuhyun wasn't torn between his two primary worries for long. The threesome that would take place that night was far more disturbing than Donghae. So he retreated to his room, started his computer and committed his focus on a game of Starcraft, trying desperately to distract himself. It worked well enough and he managed to survive through the torturing hours left to wait.

Less than an hour before they were to meet the strange man at the hotel Siwon knocked on his door. The tall man stepped in not waiting for Kyuhyun's reply, closing the door carefully behind him. Kyuhyun stood up from his desk and walked to Siwon. He wrapped his hands around the waist of his lover and nuzzled his face in the collar of Siwon's dress shirt. The mere presence of the other man made his muscles relax and his stress levels decrease.

Siwon rubbed his back and kissed his temple lovingly. "Still just as nervous as you were earlier?" he asked and Kyuhyun cackled darkly. "What would you expect?" he answered, pressing his body even closer to Siwon's. Siwon hummed in response and massaged Kyuhyun's muscles gently.

"Should you get changed before we go?" Siwon asked after a moment of comforting silence. Kyuhyun stepped back from Siwon to take a look at his close. He had to admit he wasn't wearing the most seductive clothing at the moment, being dressed up for a day of formal meetings and TV shows rather than hooking up with strangers. Siwon on the other hand was all dressed up: a black wife beater, fitted jeans and a jacket decorated with staples and zippers looked stylish on him and actually turned Kyuhyun on, even though he had seen Siwon dressed like this multiple times already. Siwon smiled at his appreciating stare and slapped his ass teasingly. "Try to be patient, Kyu!" he taunted the other.

Kyuhyun turned away and huffed condescendingly. He walked to this drawer and quickly changed his attire into something more befitting: black t-shirt with silvery prints on it, tight and smooth leather pants and a belt with a flashy, gigantic buckle. His hair had already been groomed by the stylists and he didn't think it was necessary to do anything about it. When he turned around, Siwon whistled in awe.

"Why do you never dress up like that for me, huh?" he asked, closing the distance between their bodies with a long stride. Before Kyuhyun knew it, Siwon's lips were on his and a wet tongue was prying his mouth open to let the older man dominate him. Hands reached down to his thighs and caressed them through the fine leather of his trousers, the gesture sending shivers up his spine. Kyuhyun placed his hand on Siwon's neck quickly and bucked up to brush their groins together, eliciting a groan from both of them.

The kiss was brief but it left them both panting. Kyuhyun whined in complaint when Siwon pulled away, the older man casting a smirk at him. "I think we shouldn't get a head start, it wouldn't be fair," he whispered huskily. Kyuhyun could already see an erection hardening in Siwon's jeans and he knew the same thing was happening to him as well. His hard on made him impatient and more confident, his doubts and fears subsiding as lust and desire took over.

"So what are we waiting for, then?" he winked at his lover and grabbed his hand to drag him out of the room. They entered the dorm hastily, not wanting the other members to see their aroused state. They hurried to the car and Siwon took the driver's seat. Kyuhyun leaned in closer to share one more heated kiss before sitting back as Siwon started the engine.

This was it. They were on their way and so close to the biggest adventure of their relationship.

Right now Kyuhyun was actually, to his relief, more thrilled than anxious.


The journey was rather short in the slowing traffic. The hotel they arrived at was a quite expensive one. The building was tall with huge glass windows on each side. Siwon parked the car in the underground parking lot and grabbed Kyuhyun's hand to escort him like a true gentleman. Kyuhyun laughed at this gesture but accepted it gratefully. He felt little disorientated, a little out of place and he was nothing but glad to be steadied by Siwon's arm.

They entered the hotel and Siwon walked to the counter. A few low murmurs were exchanged between him and the receptionist, then Siwon was handed the key card and they started climbing the stairs. Kyuhyun licked his lips in anticipation, his member throbbing a bit with excitement. The hotel looked nice on the inside too. The floor was covered in thick, luxurious carpet and the walls were adorned with stylish paintings and ornaments. It was a nice setting for their so called date.

Siwon opened the door to their room once they reached it. Kyuhyun inhaled sharply before following Siwon into the room for he was not sure if their guest would already be there or not. This is the moment of truth, I guess. But to his both relief and disappointment the room was void and picture perfect. The huge king sized bed was made neatly with purple covers and several white pillows, all thrice as thick as regular pillows. The bed was made out of dark, polished wood and the window gave away to a beautiful view over the capital of South Korea. The lighting was warm and slightly dim as if made especially for sexual purposes. The room was perfect.

Seeing the room empty, Kyuhyun decided to search the minibar for something to drink. "Care to have some with me?" he asked Siwon, who had walked to the window to gaze out. Siwon looked at him over his shoulder and gave a nod with approving smile. Kyuhyun poured them generous glasses of fine whiskey. Aroused and thrilled or not, he knew he'd be better off slightly drunk than sober. Now that they had to wait for the third man, he felt his nerves getting the best of him again and his restlessness settling back in his mind. He offered the other glass to Siwon and downed his with one big gulp, not stopping to savor the taste of the drink.

Siwon scoffed at that and placed his free hand on Kyuhyun's lower back. "Trying to get wasted, huh?" he said, drawing circles on Kyuhyun's back with his long fingers. Kyuhyun shivered as the alcohol burned his throat. "Perhaps," he whispered with his voice hoarse. "I've always liked sex better when I'm slightly drunk."

"You can hold your liquor too well, that one glass won't do," Siwon said and sipped a mouthful of his own drink before raising the glass to Kyuhyun's lips. Kyuhyun swallowed gladly, enjoying the proximity of Siwon and the intoxicating taste of the whiskey on his tongue.

Siwon left him to walk back to the minibar, took the bottle of whiskey out and walked back to Kyuhyun. "Open," he ordered softly. Kyuhyun opened his mouth once again and stared the other man down as tensely as only he could. Siwon made him take several gulps before taking some himself and placing the bottle on the night stand. Then he grasped the back of Kyuhyun's head and kissed him feverishly, tugging his hair and nipping his lips until a faint taste of blood mixed with the alcohol. Kyuhyun couldn't stop himself from moaning and grounding his lower body to Siwon's. He had never seen Siwon behave like this, so aggressively and dominantly, but he sure as hell was aroused by it already. If this was because of the third wheel soon to arrive, then he'd have no reason to refuse from doing this in the future as well.

Siwon then pushed him onto the bed and made him lie down. The older man got on top of him on all fours, leaning down to kiss him once more. The aftertaste of whiskey still lingered in their kiss but Kyuhyun was becoming too light headed to actually feel it. There was only Siwon in his world right now, Siwon and his desire for the older man.

Siwon's kiss left him breathless, his lungs burning for oxygen which he didn't grant them willingly. Only when Siwon pulled away to lick his earlobe did he finally gasp for air, his chest heaving up violently. Siwon purred from deep inside his chest as he nipped and nibbled Kyuhyun's ear fully aware of how insane with lust it drove the younger one. Kyuhyun reached out his hands to place them on both sides of his lover, marveling at the rock hard muscles that lay beneath the sheet of fabric. He had already forgotten that there was supposed to be a third man with them, not just the two of them.

Whether Siwon had forgotten or not was not clear, however. What he was doing to Kyuhyun might have been planned as a distraction, the only intension being to make Kyuhyun relax and ignore his fears. It worked undoubtedly like magic, nonetheless.

As Siwon moved his mouth lower and latched his lips on Kyuhyun's neck while palming Kyuhyun's growing erection through his leather pants, Kyuhyun's eyes fluttered closed and he trashed helplessly. Moans rolled from his lips already, the pleasure mixing with the effects of alcohol and intensifying his bliss. In fact, he moaned so loudly that his sounds of want blocked out the sound of an opening and then closing door from his ears. He was also oblivious to the footsteps on the luxurious carpet and the light, familiar chuckle sounding in the room.

Kyuhyun missed the person climbing on the bed, his mind being too engaged in the pleasure Siwon was so generously providing him with. He was in a private bubble enjoying the feeling of having his partner there with him, making love to him.

But when a third hand was placed on his body to caress his chest his eyes flew open and he sat up abruptly. He could not believe he was really staring at the person that was sitting on the bed with Siwon and him. This can't be true. This is not happening.

Donghae had never looked this enchanting, this sexy. His hair was tossed as if he had just gotten out of bed after having the wildest sex in history of mankind, his broad shoulders and muscular arms highlighted by the dress shirt he was wearing, his thighs deliciously sculpted and in display in his light grey jeans. Even though he was more formally dressed than Siwon or Kyuhyun, he looked just as hot and desirable as they did.
But it was Donghae, their friend, their band mate, their brother. Kyuhyun could only stare at the other like he had never seen him before, like he wasn't sure whether he was looking at a mirage or not. His hand twitched as if to move and touch the other man but he resisted the urge. He could not lay his hands on Donghae, there was no way.

"Don't stop making those lovely noises," Donghae whispered with a strained voice. "I truly enjoyed listening to you."

The words seemed to snap Kyuhyun out of his daze and he turned to look at Siwon who was now practically sitting on his lap. "A mate, sort of?" he recited Siwon's words. "A mate?"

Siwon looked cautious as he answered, "I rather sleep with him than a stranger. Don't you?"

Kyuhyun stared at his lover. "Just explain to me how it ever crossed your fucking twisted mind to have a threesome with Donghae? And how did you make him actually comply? Did you bribe him or threaten him?" he knew his voice sounded angrier than he really was, for the most part he was just confused, but he couldn't do anything about it.

Siwon licked his lips and glanced at Donghae. "He opened up to me once when we were drinking… He confessed to me that he actually felt attracted to both you and me. Physically, that is, of course. And when you said you'd try having a threesome, I immediately thought of him. He desires both of us and won't tell anyone, so why him?"

"Because it's just fucking weird!" Kyuhyun declared. His words made Siwon frown and Donghae crouch down as if Kyuhyun had slapped him. Kyuhyun instantly looked at Donghae who for once met his eyes. To his surprise he could see deep hurt and fear in those light brown orbs. He could tell his rejection hurt Donghae more than was reasonable.

Then he looked at Siwon who didn't appear too pleased with him either. The older man obviously regretted this all, regretted everything. And Kyuhyun did not want that. He might have been cocky and mean at times, but he surely never was one to hurt his loved ones.

"I mean, it's just… We've lived together like a family for so long now that it just feels obscure to even think of wanting someone's body, gay or not," he tried to explain himself. He reached out to take Donghae's hand, his slightly drunken state making his coordination a bit shaky. "Though I guess that since I can fuck Siwon as I please, I have no right to think that."

"I understand," Donghae said slowly and then looked at Siwon. "I suppose I'll leave you to it, then."

But before the male could go anywhere, Siwon grabbed him by the shoulder. "Hae, don't give in so easily. Let me tell you something top secret: this maknae here enjoys nothing more than having a cock up in his ass or down his throat. If he wasn't a singer he would be a whore selling out his body just for the fun of it. Trust me when I tell you he won't refuse an opportunity to have sex. Get your hands on him and he'll be begging for more before you even have time to become aroused."

Kyuhyun gasped loudly at Siwon's words and Donghae's eyes widened at the bold statement. They glanced at each other to share their confusion, but Siwon didn't give them the time to do that. With a strong push he made Kyuhyun lie down once more and while holding him down with one hand, he grabbed Donghae's chin to lock eyes with him. "Unless he accuses us of rape, there's no backing out. Provided that you have no second thoughts, hm?"

Kyuhyun had to admit that Siwon was sexy, just unbelievably sexy. Siwon never spoke to him like that and never forced himself upon him but he sure as hell was enjoying it. He turned to look at Donghae, who seemed to be contemplating on Siwon's words. He had to admit there was no reason not to want him. He was tall, he was handsome, he was beautiful. His hands looked so soft and Kyuhyun felt a desire to touch his arms and chest, to marvel his back and abs. Donghae was differently built than Siwon and it would be exciting to be able to touch him, all of him. And Donghae was without a doubt a very sensual, sexually appealing man. His bedroom eyes, his thin lips and gentle voice were everything Kyuhyun would need to feel like a prince, like the center of the universe.
He wanted to feel how it would feel like, being the center of Donghae's universe.

Perhaps it was because he was drunk, perhaps it was because he was already aroused and willing. Perhaps it was Siwon's dominant attitude that made him relent. Maybe he had always harbored sexual interest for Donghae, a desire which he had never admitted even to himself. Or perhaps he was more open sexually than he had thought he was.

But he wanted Donghae to stay.

"Kiss each other," he whispered huskily, startling the both men hovering over him. Siwon's eyes changed rapidly and something predatory, something dangerous glinted in them as he eyed first Kyuhyun beneath him and then Donghae kneeling next to him. Donghae squeezed Kyuhyun's hand that still was on his before turning to face Siwon. "No, no second thoughts," he replied Siwon's question and then crashed their lips together in a bruising kiss.

Kyuhyun was stuck staring at the two who busied themselves in a mindless, heated kiss that surely hurt as much as it pleasured them, teeth clashing and biting, saliva dribbling down their jaws and grunts escaping from their throats. He had been worried he could not watch his beloved one make out with another man but seeing Donghae and Siwon molding so perfectly made him just harder and harder. And yet there was something strange mixed with his desire, something he could faintly remember from the very first times of having sex. It was a sense of taking part to something completely forbidden, the feeling of something unique and never seen before happening. It was excitement that burnt his nerves, set his skin on fire, licked his spine and whispered to his ear, inviting him to drown himself in this scene played out in front of him.

This might have been forbidden but it just made it more delicious, harder to resist. This might have been weird and he might have been afraid before, but he wanted this more than he feared this.

Siwon grounded down to create friction to his hard on and made Kyuhyun yelp in pleasure as well. That unexpected sound made Donghae and Siwon part quickly, their eyes turning successively to look at Kyuhyun. The sight made Kyuhyun shiver from head to toe like a leaf in wind. Two tall man staring at him and claiming his body with their eyes; two tall men to pleasure him and to control him.

This was heaven.

And then there was no time to think anymore. Both men surged at him and grabbed his clothing, reaching for his skin and tearing his garments off him. Hands marveled his thighs and calves, grabbed his well-rounded bottom, molded his ass, abused his ribs, lips latched on his bare skin and teeth sunk in his flesh hungrily. His hair was being tugged and yanked, his mouth ravished, his skin marked with bite marks and wet spots of saliva. The alcohol he had consumed did nothing to help him observe the quickly unfolding situation.

Once he was completely undressed there came a pause. All three of them were panting and gasping for air. Siwon had lost his shirt and Donghae's fly was open, the buttons of his shirt undone. Kyuhyun licked his lips in anticipation, his pink tongue coming to caress his swollen lips. His hands reached out to grab Donghae by the collar and pulled him on top of him. Siwon moved to kneel behind them, his hands coming to caress Donghae's ass and arousal.

Donghae panted and moaned softly, his voice just as erotic as Kyuhyun would have imagined it to be had he ever paid attention to that. Yet still he stared intensely at the maknae as if Siwon wasn't sliding his trousers off him and jerking him off.

"You're gorgeous," Kyuhyun whispered hoarsely, caressing Donghae's hair and temples, lips and jaw. He reached up and connected their lips in a sensual, slow kiss. He wanted to explore, he wanted to truly experience the other. The taste was different, sweeter. Donghae was far less dominant than Siwon and Kyuhyun found himself overpowering the other easily. Donghae's tongue moved expertly with his as if they had practiced this. When Kyuhyun opened his eyes he noticed Donghae looking at him intently, his eye lashes tickling the younger one's skin.

They parted slowly as though they regretted breaking the kiss. "I might be gorgeous but I've never seen something more perfect than you," Donghae said lowly and cupped Kyuhyun's face. And just like that Kyuhyun knew how it felt to be the center of Donghae's universe: it was almost just as good as being the center that of Siwon's.

Siwon leaned in, sifted Donghae's shirt out of the way and kissed his shoulder blade, then reached out to tangle his fingers in Kyuhyun's soft locks. "Put your fingers in him and prepare him, Hae," he ordered.

Donghae nodded, took his shirt off and licked his own fingers until they were slick with saliva. Kyuhyun spread his legs while enjoying Siwon's touch. "Baby, I'll need both my hands while I prepare him for my length," Siwon whispered. Kyuhyun nodded and then the hand was gone, but not for long. Donghae had replaced it with his, a soft smile playing on his lips. Kyuhyun answered it by reaching up for a haste kiss before lying down. "Get to work, I can't wait to feel you inside of me," he said quietly. Donghae returned the kiss and then pressed his index finger to Kyuhyun's entrance, slowly forcing it in.

Siwon had shed his pants during that time and seeing his lover being penetrated, he swallowed thickly. "You look so beautiful and I just want to fuck you so badly that it hurts," he groaned before getting back on the bed and positioning himself behind Donghae. Without bothering to slicken his fingers, he pushed two digits into Donghae who mewled and arched his back but continued to push his finger in and out of Kyuhyun's body.

Naturally they started moving along to a rhythm, their gasps for breath nearly synchronized and Donghae's and Siwon's hands moving at the same time. Donghae grew slightly impatient as Siwon continued to work him open so quickly and soon Kyuhyun could feel two and then three digits curling inside of him. "Fuck me, Hae, please," he pleaded soon as the pain numbed away and left him yearning.

"Of course," Donghae replied softly, kissed him on the lips and then trailed kisses on his neck and shoulder. Kyuhyun bucked up and taking the hint, Donghae began to push in. Kyuhyun trashed and moaned, his sweet voice calling out softly to both the man penetrating him and the man whom he loved.

Donghae wasn't as long as Siwon, but his length was so much thicker that it drove Kyuhyun insane with pleasure. Once the other was completely inside of him, Siwon removed his fingers from Donghae's behind and thrusted his member in carefully, making sure he didn't move too quickly for Donghae whose limits he did not know.

Donghae moaned just as eagerly as Kyuhyun, leaning his head on Kyuhyun's chest. But it didn't take long for him to adjust and soon he lifted his head, looking at Siwon over his shoulder. "Move," he mouthed, his voice momentarily gone.

And so Siwon set a pace for them that was slow and sensual yet crushing and animalistic enough to leave them breathless and senseless. Kyuhyun could feel the weight of the both men, two pairs of hands caressing him, the heat radiating from the two men towering above him. The power in Donghae's thrusts wasn't solely his but also Siwon's, Donghae's cock deeply buried within Kyuhyun's body. Sweat trickled down Siwon and Donghae's bodies and mixed with his.

Skin on skin, pleasure from pleasuring and being pleasured. The unique situation had driven them all from their comfort zones and there was nothing left to hide, nothing left to think or regret. They moved together, bringing each closer to their releases. There was something truly beautiful about that, something fragile and magnificent.

When Donghae hit his sweet spot, Kyuhyun lost track of everything that was happening. He couldn't recognize the hands on his thighs or chest, couldn't recognize the lips on his chest and lips. All he could feel was the pleasure, pleasure caused by both Donghae and Siwon, Siwon and Donghae. It was almost like there was only one person with him yet it still was obvious that this wasn't making love between a couple, this was something more complicated, something exquisite.

And when he reached his orgasm, Kyuhyun did not know what actually brought him to it: was it the member inside of him, the hands on him, the hand on his own length or the heat. He did not know but it did not matter for all that was important was the overwhelming pleasure that washed over him.

It was the best he had had in a while and it made his mind blank, his limbs numb. Soon Donghae crashed on top of him, followed by Siwon who rolled to lie next to them. It took a good while for them to catch their breaths and come down from their highs.

After that there was an awkward silence, at least in Kyuhyun's opinion.

Siwon turned on his side and propped himself up on his elbow, eyeing the other two. Donghae had already sifted to lie next to Kyuhyun as well, so the youngest one was free to move closer to his lover and press his face to the man's chest. Siwon kissed him and held him close, a pleased smile on his lips.

Donghae sat up. "I suppose it's time for me to go now," he said. But unexpectedly Kyuhyun sat up, tearing himself from Siwon's hold. "No, don't," he resisted and hugged Donghae tightly from behind. "Don't. You don't have to. Siwon and I won't be head over heels in love with each other now, okay?"

The emotion displayed in Donghae's eyes as he turned around to look at Kyuhyun made him look more beautiful than Kyuhyun had ever seen him. "I would love to stay," he answered his voice thick and strained.

"So stay," Siwon offered and gestured with his hands for the two men to come closer to him. Kyuhyun lied down next to Siwon and Donghae wormed his way to Kyuhyun side, his head resting on Kyuhyun's chest and Kyuhyun's arm around him. Siwon positioned himself on his side, hand around Kyuhyun's waist and fingers tangled with Donghae's.

It felt comfortable, to lie like that. Kyuhyun felt safe, even if he couldn't remember actually feeling unsafe before. It was overwhelming to have not one but two men beside him, both caressing him slowly in their post-orgasm highs, both holding him close.
His fears had been stupid, he could see it now. And Siwon's idea to ask Donghae to join them had been ingenious for there couldn't have been more perfect partner for both of them than Donghae.

But what would happen next?
Oh my dear lord what did I just write...

But well, at least this story is not going to be a two shot, that's for sure. The story will continue from here, so look forward to updates in the near future!
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MidnightMadness11 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Student Writer

*sits back up* I'm okay, I'm okay!

AWWW!! Is it weird to say that I think Donghae was flipping adorable? :meow: I think it'd be cool if they stayed together as a trio. polyamory FTW! :dance:
Roccari Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
adorable? xD oh well, I guess he's always adorable no matter what! Whatever happens to them shall be relieved soon~ I can't wait to write more chapters because that's the only way for me to find out what happens, right now I have no freaking idea how this story is going to continue xD
MidnightMadness11 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Student Writer
Well, the way he hesitated a few times and when he looked into Kyu's eyes.... it was adorable~ :)
Roccari Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ah, but isn't Hae always adorable? Somehow I can't see him as sexy or hot or anything, he looks like a puppy to me all the time! : DD
MidnightMadness11 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Writer
oh, I can see the sexy version of Hae, alright. But the little glimpses of innocence in the middle of such an act made me go :aww: in the middle of the sex scene. :facepalm:
Roccari Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
ahahaa xD
Kimiikins Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Good job on writing these!! ^o^
Roccari Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
thanx! ^^
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